Other ways to help

Marine litter has more than one source & requires more than one solution

All of us can take part in the fight against marine litter in different ways. 

  • Participate in a beach or underwater clean up 

  • Reduce your plastic consumption

  • Support local recycling

  • Petition your government to enact plastic reduction measures locally & globally

  • Learn more & educate others

Bonaire Dive Against Debris Fishing Line Clean Up - Photo by Amy Weir

Clean Up

Collect marine litter data above & below water

For any beach litter that you find (both in Bonaire or back home) outside of our OSPAR survey, the Ocean Conservancy Clean Swell App is a handy tool to allow citizen scientists to collect data regarding any marine debris they find at any time. The app can be downloaded here.

Other types of marine debris (such as abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear) needs to be removed by trained scuba divers. Data regarding marine litter collected underwater using the Dive Against Debris method can be recorded here. Check with your PADI dive center to see if they have any underwater clean ups organized.

plastic plate on shore

Reduce Your Plastic Use

Even a few small steps can go a long way to reduce your plastic footprint

Here are some helpful links:

A Plastic Free Bonaire

WWF's 10 Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

WWF-NL 21 Plasticvrije Tips


Support Local Recycling

NOBO Bonaire is a local, small scale recycling program that makes useful products like phone holders, plant pots, bottle openers and coasters with 100% recycled HDPE. 

For more information, visit Nobo's Facebook or Instagram.

Beach clean up cigarette butts - Photo by Amy Weir

Petition your government

Make your voice heard & call attention to the problem of marine litter

Join the international community in calling for a global agreement for all countries to work together & end the marine plastic crisis by 2030

English: Sign the Global Petition

Nederlands: Teken de Petitie

Bonaire Beach Clean Up - Photo by Amy Weir

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